Spring 2022 Side Letter on Evaluations

Here is the full text of Spring 2022 Side Letter on Evaluations: Side-Letter-Spring-2022.

This side letter covers our plan for returning to regular evaluation timelines for all faculty. The basic plan involves deans providing department chairs with organized lists (based on assignment type and most recent evaluations), and then scheduling evaluations of full-time faculty over the next four semesters and evaluations of part-time faculty over the next five semesters.

If you have questions about evaluation timelines or anything else related to evaluations, please contact the UF at uf@uf4cd.org or 925-680-1771.  UF is also hosting three open forums during the first week of the spring 2022 semester: Wednesday, January 26, 10-11am; Thursday, January 27, 5-6pm; and Friday, January 28, 12noon-1pm.  For zoom links, see the UF Update from Monday, January 24, or contact Lorena in the UF Office.

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