Article 24 – Not-for-Credit Contract Education



24.1     EMPLOYMENT OF CONTRACT EDUCATION EMPLOYEE: The colleges will be able to contract an individual to teach in the contract education program.  Upon completion of the first contract and prior to the beginning of a second contract this individual will become a non-dues paying unit member.

24.2     COMPENSATION: Compensation will start at the average “C” contract rate for any individual who is employed to teach a contract education not-for-credit offering.  If an existing unit member from one of the colleges has agreed to teach a contract education offering, he/she would be compensated at the existing “C” or “A/C” contract rate.  These not-for-credit activities are not counted toward load.

24.3     SELECTION OF INSTRUCTORS: Instructors will be selected by contract education staff after consultation and mutually agreeing with the department.  For example, the department may give the contract education staff permission to hire.


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