Article 11 – Reassigned Time



11.1     DEPARTMENT CHAIR REASSIGNED TIME: Reassigned time hours for faculty governance of department chairpersons shall be assigned in accordance with the following:

For Diablo Valley College: 42 lecture hour equivalents each semester

For Los Medanos College: 21 lecture hour equivalents each semester

For Contra Costa College: 21 lecture hour equivalents each semester

These allotments shall be distributed for faculty governance in accordance with Section 11.1.1.

In addition to these hours and the moneys previously allocated to department chair stipends, effective 7/1/02 the amounts allocated shall be augmented by $200,000, and effective 7/1/09, the total funding for reassigned time allocated to department chairs will be increased by $138,000, and effective 7/1/18, the total funding will be increased by $160,000, and effective 7/1/20 the total funding will be increased by $50,000, (indexed to salary schedule B-1).

11.1.1         Criteria for Stipends and Reassigned Time   For each program as defined in Article, $1,000 per semester or the load equivalent shall be allocated to the program coordinator. The department chair may also elect to distribute a share of the department-chair load or stipend to any other faculty for taking on a share of department-chair duties. Within each college, departments shall be assigned a rank by formula: (Full-time equivalent faculty) + (head count of full and part-time faculty) = rank    Reassigned time and stipend shall be allocated by mutual agreement between the college president and UF vice president in approximate proportion to their ranking: e.g., a ranking larger by a factor of two than a lower ranking receiving time/stipend shall receive an allocation twice as large as the lower ranking.  Effective 7/1/09 the minimum reassigned time (or stipend equivalent) for all department chairs will be 10 percent of a full load for all departments established prior to 6/1/2009.  Reassigned time or stipends for chairs of departments formed after this date, or for programs created after 7/1/2018, will be decided by the College President in consultation with the appropriate UF Vice President.   Deviations from this allocation process shall be made by mutual agreement between the college president and UF vice president.  The criteria for these deviations shall be stated in writing to the departments, Chancellor, and UF president.   At department discretion, allocations of stipends may be used to hire faculty for reassigned time (at the “C” rate).  Expenditures for this purpose shall not exceed the stipend allocated to the department.  Reassigned time shall be valued at the average instructional rate for the college.   There shall be no reduction of the total college allocation of reassigned time for department chairs as specified above.   Department chairs who opt to take a stipend rather than reassigned time will be considered to have taken reassigned time for the purposes of calculating their maximum allowable annual load, according to Article 8.5.

11.2     CONVERSION OF LOAD TO REASSIGNED TIME:  When normal load hours are reassigned to other duties, the number of resulting-duty hours is determined by the following formula:

FTE reassigned X 35 = weekly hours of reassigned duties

11.3     ACADEMIC SENATE REASSIGNED TIME: Any changes in reassigned time from what currently exists under Curriculum and Instruction Procedure 2907, shall be provided with the concurrence of the Academic Senate Presidents.  The District will notify the United Faculty of any changes in reassigned time under this provision each semester.

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