Article 17 – Evaluation of Faculty



17.1     REGULAR/PROBATIONARY EVALUATIONS: All regular and probationary unit members shall be evaluated according to Appendix X.

17.2        PART-TIME EVALUATIONS: All temporary (part-time) unit members shall be evaluated according to Appendix X

17.3     MANAGEMENT INITIATED EVALUATION:  If management believes substantial evidence exists that a faculty member is in violation of Education Code 87732, management, with the consent of the college president, may conduct an evaluation of the faculty member. Such a decision shall be at the sole discretion of management.  Management agrees that prior to conducting a management initiated evaluation, the faculty member being evaluated and the United Faculty shall be given:  1) all evidence or complaints which lead to the evaluation, 2) a description of the alleged violation of Ed Code 87732, 3) the time line including completion date, and a description of all procedures to be used in the evaluation. Once the notification has been given, management must give the faculty member twenty-four (24) hour notice of any classroom observation that is to occur.

17.4     PART-TIME ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE FACULTY:  Part-time faculty in the Administration of Justice Program at Los Medanos College will not be evaluated according to the process in Appendix X. The Administration of Justice part-time faculty will continue to be evaluated according to the existing process, which meets POST requirements.

17.5     MANAGEMENT INVOLVEMENT IN EVALUATION OF PROBATIONARY FACULTY:  The “Evaluation of Probationary Faculty” (Appendix X) process will be amended to allow one of the following academic managers to participate on the Tenure Review Committee:  immediate supervisor of the probationary faculty member or his/her immediate supervisor. For faculty assigned to the San Ramon Valley Center, the Director of SRVC may participate as the manager on the Tenure Review Committee.

17.6     EVALUATION OF FACULTY HIRED MID-YEAR: All full-time faculty hired to begin service mid-year (that is, in a spring semester) shall be evaluated during the second, third, fourth, sixth, and eighth semesters of service. All other conditions of the faculty evaluation policy shall remain unchanged. All faculty hired mid-year may be evaluated during their first semester at the discretion of the department, using the part-time evaluation procedures.


When part-time faculty teach for a college at two different locations (e.g. Pleasant Hill Campus (PHC) and the San Ramon Campus (SRC)), departments (and non-departmentalized groups) at any college campus may, at their discretion, elect to accept an evaluation of a part-time faculty member conducted at the other campus in lieu of conducting an independent evaluation, provided that:

17.1.1  the evaluation at the other campus was in the same discipline as the part-time faculty is teaching at the campus accepting the evaluation; and

17.1.2        the evaluation being accepted was conducted within three (3) semesters of the time due to be evaluated at the campus accepting the evaluation; and

17.1.3        the summary score on the most recent evaluation was neither “needs improvement” nor “unsatisfactory”; and

17.1.4        the part-time faculty due to be evaluated agrees to have the previous evaluation used in lieu of a new evaluation at the second campus.

In the case that a college department elects to accept an evaluation from another campus, no additional changes to the time line or due-process rights shall be implied. Part-time faculty will continue to have separate evaluation time lines at each campus and in each department that they teach, and seventh-semester requirements for part-time faculty (that they be evaluated by at least two evaluators) remain in effect.


Any department that submits advanced written notification to the appropriate dean by November 15 of the preceding fall semester, with a copy sent to UF, may evaluate any tenured faculty member one semester early (in the spring semester that precedes a regularly scheduled fall evaluation) one time. Doing so will change the evaluation timeline for the evaluatee so that he or she will normally be evaluated every sixth spring semester thereafter.

No tenured faculty member shall have his or her evaluation timeline advanced and adjusted in this way more than once unless all parties agree otherwise in response to a specific contract-variance request.

This provision shall not apply if the most recent evaluation included a summary score of “needs improvement” or “unsatisfactory.”

This provision does not apply to probationary or part-time faculty and does not modify any other part of the collective bargaining agreement or evaluation process.


  1. Cannot find Appendix X, concerning evaluation procedures.

  2. The “Evaluation Guidebooks” ARE Appendix X. FInd them by looking on the list on the right under “Evaluation Guidebooks.” The books are numbered X1.1, X1.2, etc. Collectively, they make up the whole of Appendix X.

  3. Hi Terri,

    I can’t even find Appendix X on the web site. I am looking down the list on the right-hand side, and it reads from Appendix A to Appendix PT, but no X. Where might I find that?



  4. Appendix X consists of the evaluation guidebooks. Each book has a different designation (X1; X2; X3…) and a different focus (Full-Time Tenured Classroom Faculty; Probationary Classroom Faculty; Part-Time Faculty, etc.) So just click on the link for the guidebook you need. That is Appendix X.

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