Article 13 – Non-Credit Instruction



13.1     NON-CREDIT LIMIT: Total District non-credit FTES shall not be greater than 1% of District credit FTES.  Community service is not part of the 1%.

13.2     NON-CREDIT INSTRUCTION LIMITS FOR FULL-TIME: No full-time assignments shall include non-credit instruction, unless a RIF would follow due to a state mandate of credit classes being designated as non-credit classes.  In such case an assignment of twenty-five in-class hours shall be con­sidered a full instructional load.  All contract I, II, or III or regular unit members teaching non-credit classes as part or all of teaching load shall be subject to all conditions of this Agreement as if the member were teaching credit classes.

13.3     EXTRA-CONTRACTUAL: All assignments except for those in Section 13.2 above are extra-contractual (not part of regular “A load”), and the employees are members of the bargaining unit.

13.4     SALARY RATE FOR NON-CREDIT CLASSES: The hourly rate for non-credit classes shall be determined by Appendix B-2, Class I, Step 1.

13.5        APPROVAL OF NON-CREDIT CLASSES: All non-credit courses shall be approved through the normal instructional committees on campus.  All non-credit instruc­tors shall be hired as specified in Article 6.

13.6     NON-CREDIT CLASS SIZE MAXIMUMS: All non-credit class size maximums shall be established through the same procedure as for new credit courses.

13.7     This article does not apply to non-credit courses where the District receives apportionment at the standard for-credit rate.

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