Article 25 – Part-Time Faculty Staffing Preferences



25.1     STAFFING PREFERENCE ELIGIBILITY INFORMATIONPart-time faculty become eligible for staffing preference consideration after their seventh semester of teaching within a given department (summer session does not count toward the awarding of staffing preference).  Faculty who wish to be considered for preference must submit an application upon completion of their seventh semester teaching evaluations or qualifying evaluations within a given department by the end of the second full week of classes for consideration in the next semester.


Eligible part-time faculty will be granted staffing preference if they meet the criteria described under either of the groupings described below:


25.1.1   Faculty member has received a summary rating of “exceeds standards of performance” on most recent evaluation.


25.1.2   Faculty member has received a summary rating of “satisfactory performance”, with average to high ratings in most areas, including the following rating totals (excluding “NA”, not applicable):


•           On the Classroom/Workplace Observation Form: majority of ratings are 5 or 4 with no more than one 2 or 1.

•           On the Student Evaluation Forms: majority of ratings are 5 or 4 with few ratings of 2 or 1.
Evaluations shall be scheduled according the following schedule:

                        Semester 1

Semester 4

Semester 7 (a composite summary evaluation produced by at least two different

evaluators – see appendix X); and every sixth semester thereafter.




25.2.1  Part-time faculty members may submit applications any time after their seventh semester of teaching.  Retiring full-time faculty may submit applications at the time of their retirement.


25.2.2   The eligible part-time faculty member submits an application for staffing preference to the college HR personnel who attaches copies of the most recent evaluations and sends the packet to the appropriate department chair.


The department chair and division dean shall review eligible applicants to determine if any of the disqualifying conditions preclude any applicant from receiving staffing preference.  The department chair may elect to include in this meeting a sub-area representative who has been involved with coordinating the program.  In the absence of any disqualifying conditions, a faculty member meeting criteria in 25.1.1 or 25.1.2 will be granted staffing preference.


25.2.3   The department chair and division dean shall review applicants under criteria #2 to determine whether or not to grant staffing preference based on the evaluation criteria.   If the department chair and division dean cannot reach agreement about granting preference for a faculty member, the department chair will convene a review team consisting of the chair, dean and evaluators (or department designee if the evaluator is not available) and a UF representative selected by the UF President.  The review team decides by consensus whether or not to grant preference to the applicant.


25.2.4   Applicants denied staffing preference have the right to appeal, using the process as specified in the CCCCD UF Agreement, Article  However, the decision of the dean and department chair or review team is not grievable.


25.2.5   Staffing Preference is granted until the faculty member no longer meets the criteria.


25.2.6   Retiring full-time faculty may apply for staffing preference following the semester that they return to teach part-time after retirement.  Retired full-time faculty will use their first year teaching part-time for the establishment of their fall and spring modal loads.  (Full-time teaching does not count towards modal load.)  Retirees will be evaluated as a part-time faculty in their first semester teaching part-time, regardless of previous full-time evaluations, and every 6th semester thereafter.  Retirees never need to use the 7th-semester format for evaluations.


25.2.7   The granting or denial of staffing preference shall be communicated in writing by the dean or designee to the faculty member using Appendix PT-1.


25.3     DISQUALIFYING CONDITIONSRegardless of eligibility, part-time faculty will not be awarded staffing preference under any one of the following conditions:


25.3.1   faculty member has not submitted final grades for a class in a timely fashion (within 10 working days of the last day of instruction for the semester) within the previous four semesters taught.


25.3.2   faculty member has not submitted census roster or positive daily attendance rosters by the prescribed deadline on more than one occasion for a period encompassing the four most recent teaching semesters and has been individually warned in writing by the dean that a subsequent failure will result in disqualification.  Appendix PT-2 may be used for this purpose.


25.3.3   faculty member has been absent from class, lab, or assigned staffing hours without proper notification to the division or instruction office on more than one occasion for a period encompassing the four most recent teaching semesters.


25.3.4   faculty member has been the subject of persistent unresolved and substantiated student complaints alleging violations of Education Code 87732.  Student complaints must be documented and handled according to the District’s student grievance procedures.


25.3.5   the district has found the faculty member to have violated a specific section of Education Code 87732.


25.3.6   faculty member has not taught or has declined all assignments offered for the previous two teaching semesters, except under conditions covered under the CMFLA (California Medical Family Leave Act).


25.3.7   Whenever possible, where a second violation of procedure or policy can result in disqualification or loss of staffing preference, the Division Dean will issue a written warning informing the faculty member that an incident is being considered a “first offense” per Article 25.3 or 25.4.  Appendix PT-2 may be used for this purpose.


25.3.8   The Evaluation Review Team (evaluator(s), chair and dean) may consider extenuating

circumstances for any of the above conditions.




A part-time faculty member who has attained staffing preference may lose preference through any of the same “disqualifying factors” as described in Article 25.3, with the following amendments and additions:


25.4.1  A faculty member who has not taught or has declined all assignments offered for the previous two semesters, except under conditions covered under the CMFLA (California Medical Family Leave Act) may lose preference.


25.4.2  Faculty losing staffing preference must be notified in writing by the dean or designee, articulating the reason for loss of status.  Appendix PT-3 may be used for this purpose. Faculty who lose staffing preference for a disqualifying condition other than evaluation scores may request a hearing with the Vice Chancellor of Human Resources or designee to appeal the decision on procedural grounds.


25.4.3 If a faculty member working in multiple departments is disqualified from staffing preference in one department, this does not automatically disqualify the member from earning or keeping preference in a different department.


25.4.4  A faculty member who loses staffing preference for any reason or fails to qualify or re-qualify for preference may reapply following standard procedures after his or her next regularly scheduled evaluation (if still employed).


25.5     MAINTAINING STAFFING PREFERENCE:  After having gained staffing preference, the faculty member’s subsequent evaluations will meet the same standards as listed under eligibility.   Subsequent evaluations will occur on a 3 year (six semesters) rotation.   A department or dean may request that an evaluation be scheduled out of rotation for cause (pattern of student complaints or not adhering to department standards, course outline, or administrative obligations).


25.6     EXCEPTIONS TO GRANTING PREFERENCE RIGHTS:  Staffing Preference is not available to Coaches for Intercollegiate/Athletic classes associated with the intercollegiate Coaching Contracts.





25.7.1   Whenever possible, a faculty member with staffing preference must be offered his or her historical modal load [most frequent load] taught within the past five (5) corresponding semesters.  If there is no modal load, then median load will be used.   Part-time faculty on variances over 67% will be considered to be at a 67% load for that semester in regards to modal load history.  Load will be tracked by Division Deans.


25.7.2  If it is not possible for a department to offer a part-time faculty member with staffing preference his or her historical load, the member will be informed by the department in writing using the form contained in Appendix PT-4.  Copies will also be sent to the Division Dean and to the United Faculty.


25.7.3   Part-time faculty may qualify for staffing preference in different departments, but preference has to be attained independently and staffing preference cannot be automatically transferred from one department to another.


25.7.4   Part-time faculty may qualify for staffing preference in different colleges.  Such rights have to be attained independently at the department level and cannot be transferred from department to department (except by mutual agreement of the departments and faculty member).


25.7.5   Part-time faculty with preference will submit to their department chair or designee a Scheduling Preference Form (such as Appendix PT-5) every semester prior to staffing for the next semester.  The form will ask for scheduling preferences, including times and dates, as well as whether the faculty member would like to increase his or her load (up to the maximum of 67%) and what courses he/she is interested in teaching and qualified to teach.  Departments will take faculty preferences into consideration when staffing.


25.7.6   Part-time faculty members with preference have priority for long-term substitute positions whenever possible.


25.7.7   Part-time staffing assignments shall be made in accordance with departmental scheduling guidelines based upon the following base criteria in order of priority: contract, regular, overload (AC), long-term substitute, categorically funded assignments, part-time faculty with preference and part-time faculty without preference.  Exceptions to this staffing order can be made for curricular expertise necessary for the departmental program. Departmental staffing guidelines and policies shall be made available to all faculty members in the department.


25.7.8   Departments will address in their written guidelines what will be the process for implementing part-time preference in scheduling (taking into consideration such things as expertise, experience, seniority, rotation of offerings, first right of refusal to new sections, increase of load as available, ability to teach new courses as qualified).  The United Faculty will provide departments with guidelines, suggestions and templates that they may choose to use.


25.7.9   Part-time faculty with staffing preference may request a permanent parking sticker from Police Services with proof of staffing preference.


25.8     REVIEW:  This Article of the CCCCD UF and District Agreement shall be reviewed and amended every two years or when significant changes occur either in the Ed Code or other contractual procedures (such as, but not limited to, Evaluations).

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