Appendix A – Flexible Calendar



A.         Local Planning Group

The Local Planning Group shall consist of equal representation from faculty and management.  All votes shall be secret ballot.  Representation shall be as follows:

Contra Costa College:            8 managers and 8 faculty members

Diablo Valley College             10 managers and 10 faculty members

Los Medanos College:            6 managers and 6 faculty members

The Local Planning Group will develop recommendations to the college president for implementing the provisions of Section 84890 of the Education Code.  These recommendations will include the number and types of activities and the staffing requirements to carry out the plan.  Proposals for activities outside of the annual plan shall be submitted to the Local Planning Group on appropriate forms* for a recommendation.

No grievance may be filed in regard to any recommendation of the Local Planning Group concerning approval of activities; however, if the decision of the president is different from the recommendation of the committee, that decision may be grieved.


B.         Activity Assignments


The assignment of specific individuals to regular flex activities will follow the same department/sub-area guidelines used for scheduling procedures specified in the contract.  The need for an entire department/sub-area to staff a flex activity shall take priority over an individual assignment.


C.        Faculty Accountability


Upon the adoption by the president of the flexible activities schedule, each faculty member shall file on an appropriate form* a description of the activity with the designated manager.


Upon completion of the flexible activity, a report will be forwarded on an appropriate form* to the designated manager to verify compliance with the proposed activity.


If, in the opinion of the designated manager, a faculty member has failed to complete or fulfill the flexible activity obligations, the report to that effect will be forwarded to the Local Planning Group for a recommendation to the president.



D.        Flex Activities                                                                                                            Appendix A

1.         An Inter-college Coordinating Committee will be formed.

a.         It will consist of:

- Chancellor as chair

- the college Presidents

- Staff Development coordinators from each college

- 2 representatives from each Local Planning Group:  one a faculty     member, one a manager, to be chosen according to procedures developed by each LPG for itself

- the district-wide flex coordinator

- additional member(s) as needed to assure that the Committee shall always be equally balanced between management and faculty.  An imbalance shall be corrected by appointment from the LPG’s; which college LPG shall be determined by the Chancellor for management and the UF President for faculty.


b.         The duties of the Inter-college Coordinating Committee will be:

i.    to identify the inter-college critical needs to be addressed on one flex day per academic year, and to designate the date of that day during the day(s) in January required for all faculty.  Specific planning for the day will be carried out by the LPG’s at each college.


ii.   to designate one flex day per academic year on which no workshops or college-wide activities will be held, to enable those subject areas which wish to schedule inter-college area meetings to do so.  Department meetings are permitted.  This day shall be scheduled during the four days in January required for all faculty.


iii.   publish the schedule of workshops.


iv.  review the flex activity report to the state.


2.         The remaining days will be available for college-wide, division and department, and individual activities as designated or approved by the LPG’s according to their own guidelines.


a.         Faculty must request permission of the college LPG for any flex proposal which would necessitate missing the inter-college day designated according to (D.1.b.i) above, or the inter-college area meeting if they are in a subject area which schedules such a meeting.


i.    If the Chancellor does not agree with the college LPG’s recommendation, he may request a meeting of the college LPG or its designated representative(s) to express his concerns.  After the discussion the college LPG may reconsider, but in any case the Chancellor will accept the recommendation of the college LPG.


*           The United Faculty and the District shall mutually approve all forms.

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