Appendix H


Side Letter Regarding Post-July 1, 1988 Retirees: This side letter represents the understandings between the District and United Faculty with regard to the provisions of Section 21.10.2 (the prior 21.10A2). The District’s contribution towards retiree health and welfare premiums is based upon the Kaiser and dental plan rates as specified in Section 21.10.2. The parties recognize that carriers, plans and coverages available for retirees may change in the future. Retirees will be allowed access to plans subject to carrier approval that may be available in those future years. For example, in the event that in some future year some of the current carriers are changed, the District does not have an obligation to somehow replicate the coverage provided by a lost carrier. Similarly, from time to time coverages can change, and the parties understand that the District’s obligation does not include maintenance of a particular coverage that was available when the retiree left the District.

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