Article 5 – Non-discrimination



5.1             DISTRICT AND UNION AGREE TO FOLLOW FEDERAL LAW: The Board and the United Faculty agree that they shall abide by Title VII and Title IX of the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended in 1972.

5.2             NO DISCRIMINATION DUE TO LAWFUL UNION ACTIVITY: The Board shall not undertake any action or allow any action to be undertaken which restrains, coerces or discriminates against any employee with respect to working conditions within the scope of representation, because of membership in, or lawful activity on behalf of the United Faculty.

5.3             NO DISCRIMINATION: The United Faculty and the District recognize that all members of the bargaining unit are entitled to a safe, harassment-free work environment.  The District will take all reasonable steps to guarantee that employees will not be subjected to intolerable working conditions, as well as discrimination based upon sex, race, gender, age, national origin, physical condition, sexual orientation, religion or marital status.  The District will not permit supervisors to abuse, harass or intimidate persons in the bargaining unit.

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