Evaluation Guidebooks (Appendix X)

Here are the approved Evaluation Guidebooks that now comprise Appendix X of the UF Contract.  Printable evaluation forms and electronic versions of the evaluation forms are available here.

There are 15 separate guidebooks, each devoted to a specific faculty group (part-time; probationary; full-time; classroom; librarian; counselor; etc.).  Each book contains all the relevant forms and procedures for each group. The guidebooks have been updated as of 1/2020.

x1.1-part-time-classroom v.2020

x1.2-probationary-classroom v.2020

x1.3-tenured-classroom v.2020

x2.1-part-time-on-line-classroom v.2020

x2.2-probationary-on-line-classroom v.2020

x2.3-tenured-on-line-classroom v.2020

x3.1-part-time-counselors v.2020

x3.2-probationary-counselors v.2020

x3.3-tenured-counselors v.2020

x4.1-part-time-librarians v.2020

x4.2-probationary-librarians v.2020

x4.3-tenured-librarians v.2020

x5.1 Part-Time-LDS v.2020

x5.2 Probationary-LDS v.2020

x5.3 Tenured- LDS v.2020


If you have questions about evaluation forms or procedures, please contact the UF Office at 925-680-1771 or uf@uf4cd.org.


  1. Greetings: I have a question regarding the evaluation of a part time faculty member. If the evaluator determines that the evaluatee should receive a rating of “unsatisfactory” on the Summary Report form, is there something in the contract that states that the person cannot be rehired?

    Thank you.

  2. No. In theory one could rehire someone who received a rating of “unsatisfactory,” but I’m not sure why that would happen. It would seem to make more sense that anyone who might be rehired but had areas that clearly needed improvement would receive a score of “needs improvement” and a written improvement plan. All the contract says, however, is that someone who gets “needs improvement” does not necessary need to be rehired. There is nothing precluding rehiring anyone who has received low scores on an evaluation.

  3. Hi,
    Can you please tell me what the policy is for summer evaluations of part-time faculty? Thank you!

  4. Faculty are not evaluated in the summer.

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