Faculty Evaluation Forms (UPDATED 1/2020)

All Faculty Evaluation Forms have been updated as of spring, 2022

Note that the same forms should now work for either MAC or PC users.

Click here to access all faculty evaluation forms.


Please contact the UF at 925-680-1771 or uf@uf4cd.org if you have questions or need help with the new forms.




  1. Hi
    Could the form entry be arranged so that we can use the spell checker??

  2. We are working on that this week, and we hope to have the forms revised (so that one may spell check) within the next couple of days.

  3. Lisa, can you email me a copy of this form? I’ll get it onto the site. thanks. Jeff.

  4. Hi, this is very helpful.

    Where is the student evaluation form? where can I get a copy of that? Thanks, Linda

  5. Student evaluation forms are available through your instruction office or local dean. We can’t post those on-line because they are scantron forms.

  6. In November of 2010 it was noted that a form with spell checking capabilities was in the works. Where does that stand? These forms are problematic in other ways as well. Sometimes they do not allow one to expand the comments box, or if it does expand on the computer version, the text actually is cut off once it is printed out. When can we expect these long awaited improvements to the form format to be completed?

  7. We have hired a faculty member with skill in this area who is working on new forms. We had a couple of false starts on this project. It seems like it should be simple, doesn’t it?! Our goal is to have new on-line forms in place by fall, 2014. We will keep you posted!

  8. Just to keep the “ball rolling” Revised forms with spell check functionality by Fall 2014 would really nice.

  9. We are working on it, and aiming for spring 2014.

  10. Any updates now that we’re well into Spring 2015? Maybe IT can be consulted for assistance with this?

  11. The new and improved evaluation forms are coming! We now have forms that will spell check, but the drop-down menus and buttons no longer work! So we are still de-bugging… but we’re optimistic that the new forms will be ready for use by the end of the semester.

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