2008/2009 Bay 10 Salary Comparisons

Salary chart 2008-09 estimate adding 3.57

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  1. HI: Deepest appreciation to those of you who have been and are willing to do the research required to secure an equitable contract. I was hired August of 1969. There was not a union then. I was told that I had 12 sick days and if I didn’t use them they would be lose. I remember speaking with a librarian who was going to retire in the Spring of 1970. She told me that she had not missed one day during her 25 year career. She was very proud of that record for which there was not any monetary reward. I admired her dedication. Because of the Union these saved days can be shared with a peer who has used their cum sick leave or can add a year of service to the years of service. I like this new world of the Union.

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