Governing Board Candidates Forum Video

Here, in two parts, are links to the video recording from our Oct. 7 Candidates’ Forum, co-sponsored by the United Faculty and the League of Women Voters of Diablo Valley.  To watch the videos, you need a recent version of Windows Media Player, which is available on-line for free (just google Windows Media Player and download the version that works with your computer).

Part One of the Candidates’ Forum Video

Part Two of the Candidates’ Forum Video

Many thanks to Richard Woodruff (DVC) for help posting these files.  The sound and quality, alas, are far from perfect.  But the entire event is presented uncut.  The candidates are Sheila Grilli, Evelyn Centeno and Greg Enholm (Ward 3) and John Nejedly and Denise Tully (Ward 4).

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