Faculty Evaluations Suspended

Due to the current public-health crisis, faculty evaluations for all classes will be suspended for the rest of the spring 2020 semester. Evaluations that were complete prior to March 13, 2020, will still be considered valid and complete.

For probationary faculty members, their tenure timeline will not be affected.  1st year probationary faculty whose second semester evaluation is suspended will be evaluated in semesters 3 and 4.

For part-timers in 7th semester or after, they will still be eligible to apply for staffing preference.  Decisions will be based on most recent evaluation.  They will be evaluated again next semester, and will need to re-qualify for staffing preference.

For tenured faculty, evaluations will be made up next fall without affecting timeline going forward.


If you have questions, please contact Jeff at 925-330-2125 or ufjeffmichels@gmail.com


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