Compressed Calendar Videos from CCC, LMC and DVC

Here are three videos from meetings at each of our colleges with guests from colleges that have switched to 16-week semesters.

1.  CCC

Professor Ken Wagman, Math Professor and Chair of the Natural Sciences Department at Gavilan College in Gilroy met with Academic Senate at Contra Costa College in an open forum on the compressed calendar on Monday, March 15.  Professor Wagman, who has served as both Academic Senate President and Union President at Gavillan College in his career, was also the Chair of their Calendar Task Force when Gavillan was considering moving to a 16-week calendar.  The video below shows most of the meeting at CCC.  The file should take you to a video in a “dropbox” file that you should be able to access without a password or dropbox account of your own.  We are using dropbox (with a HUGE thank you to CCC Senate President Wayne Organ) because the video file is so large.

2.  LMC and DVC

Mitra Moassessi, Math Professor at Santa Monica College and President of the SMC Faculty Association, was a faculty member during SMC’s transition to a compressed calendar.  Fran Chandler, Business Professor at Santa Monica College, was Faculty Association President during the transition to 16-week semesters.  Donald Brown is a Music Librarian at El Camino College and their current President-Elect of the Academic Senate.  He was Chief Negotiator during their transition to a compressed calendar.  All three visited LMC and DVC on Monday, March 23 (with thanks to the California Community College Independents [CCC], which helped to cover expenses in bringing them north to our colleges).
This link should lead you to a page with the videos.  LMC’s discussion is one video (first on the list) lasting about an hour.  DVC’s video is divided into six parts, and there seem to be some minor bugs in the videos, so you may want to watch this one last.

You can find more data on the compressed calendar on the UF’s website.

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