Collective Bargaining Agreement for 2016/2017

Here is the full text of the UF/4CD Collective Bargaining Agreement for 2016/2017: TA 16-17 Final .

The UF held a ratification vote from January 30, 2017 – February 9, 2017.  The Agreement was ratified with 94% yes votes.  The District Governing Board ratified the Agreement at their February meeting.

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  1. As a former member of the UF Executive Board and Negotiating Team (way back in the early Neanderthal Era), I can appreciate all the hard work our representatives do to produce the best possible contract. As someone preparing to retire from Los Medanos College in June after 18 years as a full-time instructor, I’d like to express my special gratitude for the retirement incentive in the latest TA. Most of all I’d like to thank our UF reps for seeing to it that this incentive was offered to retirees like myself who had registered our intentions before the incentive was negotiated. That considerate and generous gesture is just one more example of the high regard UF leadership has always shown for ALL its members. Long may you wave!

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