Advocacy 2014: Letter-Writing Campaign

The UF and FACCC are organizing letter-writing campaigns as part of our efforts to influence the state budget this year.

We think original letters are more effective than carbon copies and mass emails, so please take a few moments to write Assemblymember Nancy Skinner, Chair of this year’s Assembly Budget Committee, telling her how COLA rather than GROWTH funding would be better for our district and/or why restoring part-time categoricals (funding for office hours and pay equity) is so important.

Her address is:

Assemblymember Nancy Skinner

Elihu Harris State Building

1515 Clay Street, Suite 2201

Oakland, CA  94612


Here are some sample letters:


1)  On COLA rather than Growth: Sample COLA Letter Skinner 1


2) On PT Categoricals:

… from Full-Time Faculty:  Sample Categorical Letter 1 FT

sample categorical letter 2 FT

… from Part-Time Faculty: Sample Categorical Letter 3 PT

Sample Categorical Letter 4 PT


If you write a letter that you would like us to list on this page as a sample, just send a copy via email to



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