Janus Decision will Not Stop Us

The UF appreciates and endorses this statement of Margaret Hanlon-Gradie, Executive Director, Contra Costa AFL-CIO Labor Council

We will have more to say on the subject of Janus soon…
“While we have expected the Janus decision for some time, none of us can completely predict its impact. Weakening collective bargaining and the rights of workers will hurt families and communities across the U.S., and further strengthen the hand of the super-rich, white supremacist, anti-immigrant, anti-woman regime we are fighting every day.

“We aren’t fooled by the false claims of freedom – we know this is part of a campaign to distract and divide us while basic workplace protections, civil liberties and fundamental democracy are undermined.

“In Contra Costa County, we are ready, and we will fight. We are taking on the proposed detention center in Concord, rightly called “madness” by Congressman DeSaulnier. We continue the fight for criminal justice reform and keeping our kids in school and on track, with our new District Attorney. We demand equity and community labor standards in development, and quality public services throughout the region to people in need. We are working to defend healthcare, retirement security and dignity at work.
“In our daily work in communities across Contra Costa County, we see renewed commitment, activism and willingness to come together and fight for our values. Our recent wins show us that working together makes the difference. This decision won’t stop collective action here in Contra Costa County – we are marching, striking, and organizing like never before. The Supreme Court can’t stop us.
“We are often reminded of Dr. King’s quote that, ‘The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.’ The Contra Costa AFL-CIO Labor Council, our 80,000 members and partners will not lose our faith or our fight.”

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